Green River Cyclery



Multi-Geared Bicycles


  • Adjust front and rear hubs

  • Adjust headset

  • Adjust bottom bracket

  • Adjust pedals

  • Secure and lube left and right brake levers

  • Remove, trim and lube front and rear brake cables

  • Remove, clean, secure and adjust front and rear brake caliper pivots and pads

  • Center and set pad clearance

  • Correct lateral, radial, centering and tensioning errors in both wheels

  • Remove, trim and lube derailleur cables

  • Secure, lube and adjust shift levers

  • Remove, disassemble, clean, lube and adjust front and rear derailleurs

  • Remove and clean chainrings, chain and cog set

  • Secure handlebar, stem, seat, seat post, crankarms, chainrings, pedals and accessories

  • Clean frame, rims and spokes